Fear, Climbing, and Life Lessons

“On days that I couldn’t manage, since I really wanted to do coke I would just look up all the sections in the Bowie biography that I had, in the index where it says cocaine, and then just look up all the parts about cocaine and read ’em so that I’d feel like I’m onContinue reading “Fear, Climbing, and Life Lessons”

Being right doesn’t mean you can be an arsehole

I was doing some thinking the other day, and I remembered that Matrix quote about humans being a virus. I thought, hey that’d be some cold shit say in relation to the pandemic. Here’s the one I’m on about… Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but youContinue reading “Being right doesn’t mean you can be an arsehole”

The Science Behind the Recommendations – Boosting Your Immunity During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The most important thing you can do right now, for yourself, others, and the NHS, is to stay healthy, and hopefully not contract a deadly disease.  Failing that, your body has a vicious procedure for dealing with threats, but because you can’t see a virus, it’s easy to slip into the mindset of believing there’sContinue reading “The Science Behind the Recommendations – Boosting Your Immunity During the Coronavirus Pandemic”

How the Turntables – Full Send

How the Turntables – V3 I’m new to this whole grading thing, first time in fact. Desperate times call for… I must prevent myself from becoming a vegetable. When the time comes I must be ready to hit the wall again at full speed. Strength training takes care of this, but why do I enjoyContinue reading “How the Turntables – Full Send”

Enlightenment or Prep for the Apocalypse?

The question of everyone’s minds: what to do with all this free time? This is not normal, it never has been since the dawn of man. Don’t think your 9 to 5 job is any more or less time consuming than the hunting and gathering our cavemen and women ancestors did. We are experiencing aContinue reading “Enlightenment or Prep for the Apocalypse?”

Business As Usual

“lol imagine spending ur whole life exhausting urself in the rat race, only for an apocalypse to take it all away from you in a matter of minutes. nothing is real. the bums were right all along. u shoulda just spent all ur time doing hoodrat shit with ur friends” – Bobo Matjila The fragilityContinue reading “Business As Usual”


I had to sit in a meeting this morning and pretend to know what furlough is. Now I know a new word, and I’m also not going to work for the next 3 months. A few of us are staying behind to do emergency sight tests and stuff like that, but the rest of usContinue reading “Furlough”


1. Die Die. That’s the best thing you can do for the planet right now, especially if you’re from the UK, where you have an average carbon footprint of 10 tonnes per year. If you’re having trouble visualising, check this out. But what does that mean? Well according to a study by The Max PlankContinue reading “4 EASY WAYS YOU CAN SAVE THE PLANET”

A Love Letter to Berlin

Why is Berlin like it is? Why is there so much techno? Why is there a nightclub where you can have sex? And it’s not illegal. Why are people so unafraid to be themselves? And why are the streets so wide, and the ceilings so high? I don’t have all the answers, just the questionsContinue reading “A Love Letter to Berlin”

How do you start a blog?

Who knows? Not me. You’re supposed to write an introductory post to tell people about yourself. So the internet says. I just read a blog post myself actually, saying if you get your first one wrong then you’re “doomed to fail”, which made me defensive because I have nothing to talk about. The post proposesContinue reading “How do you start a blog?”